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 I carried out research on West African films (Nollywood), African religions, chieftaincy politics and processes of identity formation of the West African diaspora in Netherlands and Ghana. I am currently connected to the Leiden African Studies Centre as a fellow and member of the ASCL community and of LUCAS, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

 My academic fields of expertise are: World History, Religious Studies, African and Intercultural Philosophy, Social Anthropology.


Book publication:

Religion and Chieftaincy in Ghana: An explanation of the persistence of a traditional political institution in West Africa 

Published by Lit Verlag: Http://

Key article: 

2014:  Müller, L.F. ‘On the demonization and discrimination of Asante and Yoruba women in Ghanaian and Nigerian video films’ Research in African Literatures, vol. 45. No.4. (35 pag.). 



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