International peer reviewed journals

1. Müller, L.F., 2011. ‘Spirits of migration meet the migration of spirits among the Akan diaspora in Amsterdam, theNetherlands’, Africa and Black Diaspora: an international journal, vol. 4. Issue1., 75-97.
2. Online report Cultures and Identities focus group, Utrecht University.
3. Müller, L.F., 2010. ‘Dancing golden stools’, Fieldwork in Religion, 5.1, 31-54. 
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5. Müller, L.F., 2004. ‘A thematic comparison between four African scholars: Idowu, Mbiti, Okot p’Bitek and Appiah’. In: Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy, vol. XVIII, No. 1-2, 109-125.
6. 'Müller, L.F.,'The persistence of Asante Chieftaincy in the Colonial period (1896-1957): explanations of an enigma, Africana Studia. 61-85.

Books and contributions to books

1. Müller, L.F. 2013.'Religion and Chieftaincy in Ghana'. Lit Verlag.
2. Müller, L.F. 2013:   ‘Ghanaian films and chiefs as indicators of religious change among the Akan  in Kumasi and  its migrants in southeast Amsterdam’ In: Hefner, R., Hutchinson, J., Mels, S, Timmerman, C. Religions in Movement: the local and the global in contemporary faith traditions. Routledge studies in Religion, 467-503 (33 pag.).  

3. Müller, L.F., 2011. ‘Sophie Oluwole: politiek filosofe (1935- )’,In: C.Ceton, Burg, I v.d., Halsema, A., Vasterling, V. en Vintges, K. Vrouwelijke filosofen: een historisch overzicht, Atlas, 441-446 (pag 6.).                                                  

National peer reviewed journals

1. Müller, L.F., 1999. ‘Het einde van Amerika’, Roest nr. 0. Book review of Robert D. Kaplan's An Empire Wilderness: travels into America’s Future (1998), New York, Alfred A. Knopf (1999).
2. Müller, L.F., 1999. ‘Slaven in de familie’, Roest nr.1. Book review of Edward Ball’s Slaves in the family. Amsterdam: Arena.
3. Various publications of interviews with ministers/politicians and book reviews in Demo: Magazine of the Young Democrats (1997-1999).


Online publication, briefing and BASR bulletin

2012: Müller, L.F., Afrikaanse film in Nederland: Gastcolumn van filosoof Louise Muller   

2012: Müller, L.F., ‘New West African films burning hot on the media menu of the Black Diaspora in southeast Amsterdam’. NVAS Nieuwsbrief Maart 2012. Redactie. Marijke Steegstra.

2011Müller, L.F., & Van Gorp, J. ‘Report on Media, Migration and Diasporas in The Netherlands.’ Media-and-Diaspora-report.pdf

2009: Müller, L.F. ‘Why are there still tribal heads in Africa and what has this to do with religion ? Research briefing edited by Jennifer Fucking, University of Edinburgh, centre for communication.

2007: BASR Bulletin (111) ‘Truth claims in the empirical study of religious experiences?’, 17 (pag 1.).

2006 BASR Bulletin (109) ‘BASR Conference report’, 20-21 (pag 2.).

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