succesHighly professional thesis guidance 

Would you like to receive help with your BA, MA or PhD thesis from a team of professional scholars (with a PhD and ICLON Thesis Guidance Qualification in the Humanities or Social Sciences?

Our fields of expertise include:

Literary Studies English/Social Anthropology Linguistics
Cultural Studies/ Film Studies


/Religious Studies

African Studies/Asian Studies/

International Studies/International


We offer you a package deal of 6 hours of thesis guidance for €330 or 12 hours for 640

We focus on:

The process/logistics How to organise and write a thesis
Rhetoric and logic

How to develop a research question and to  

construct arguments

Thesis Content Expert comments, Literature review, Methodology
Communication Effective collaboration with your supervisor
Language Spelling, editing in English, Dutch and Spanish.
Tips and tricks

Gain a good understanding of the thesis 

requirements and marking rubrics used by the examiners


How to overcome academic study related   


Interested? Please email or phone us a.s.a.p. to guarantee a place.  Please  

 phone:0613540894 or contact me via the contact button on this website.

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