Publications and Presentations

Academic writings

Books and book chapters

2019      Müller, L.F. ‘Towards a future of intercultural dialogue as a central focus point in African Philosophy’. In: Müller, L.F & Roothaan, Angela ‘African philosophers on human wellbeing’. London, Routledge 2019.  My article is accepted for publication (pag. 14).

2019      Müller, L.F. ‘Christianity in contemporary Africa: the rapid rise of Pentecostalism, Africa’s youth, and Nollywood’. In ‘Bloomsbury Handbook Christianity in the non-Western world’, Accepted for publication (pag. 18).The book will soon be published in this series.

2018      Müller, L.F. ‘The Greco-Egyptian origins of western myths and philosophy’. In: Mosima, Pius, A transcontinental career: essays in honour of Wim van Binsbergen: papers in Intercultural Philosophy and Transcontinental Comparative Studies - PIPTraCS. vol. 24, 251-281 (pag. 30). See:

2013      Müller, L.F. Religion and Chieftaincy in Ghana.Lit Verlag, Berlin (pag. 312).

                  Müller, L.F. ‘Ghanaian Films and chiefs as indicators of religious change among the Akan in Kumasi and its migrants in Southeast Amsterdam’ In: Hefner, R., Hutchinson, J., Mels, S, Timmerman, C. ‘Religions in Movement: the Local and the Global in Contemporary Faith Traditions’. Routledge Studies in Religion, 467-503 (pag. 33).

2012      Müller, L.F. ‘Sophie Oluwole: a political philosopher’ [‘Sophie Oluwole: politiek filosofe (1935 -)’] In: C. Ceton, Burg, I v.d., Halsema, A., Vasterling, V. en Vintges, K. Female Philosophers[Vrouwelijke filosofen: een historisch overzicht], Atlas, 441-446 (pag. 6.).

2002      Müller, L.F. An Intercultural Philosophical Study to the philosophy of mind of Akan royals in Ghana[Een interculturele filosofische studie naar het bewustzijn van Ashanti volkshoofden in Ghana].Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Rotterdam. MA thesis in Philosophy (pag. 55).

2000      Nelis, Huub, Van Steensel, K.M. e.a. Youth as Experts/Silent Revolutionaries[Jongeren als experts/ Stille revolutionairen]Publication ‘Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming’ (SMO). My internship report is an important source for this book, 80-128 (pag.48).
Van Steensel, K.M. e.a. Internet Generation: the source code deciphered[Internet Generatie: de broncode ontcijferd]
Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming’ (SMO), My internship report is an important source for this book, 80-100), (pag. 20.).

International peer reviewedjournals

2019      Müller, L.F. ‘Akan ethics for Neoliberal bankers in search of a soul’, Journal of World Philosophies, vol. 4 No.1 (pag. 10.). Def. forthcoming.

2014      Müller, L.F. ‘On the demonization and discrimination of Akan and Yoruba women in Ghanaian and Nigerian video films’ Research in African Literatures, vol. 45. No. 4., 104-120 (pag.16).

2011      Müller, L.F. ‘Spirits of migration meet the migration of spirits among the Akan diaspora in Amsterdam, the Netherlands’, African and Black Diaspora: an International Journal, vol. 4. No.1, 75-97 (pag. 22.).

2010      Müller, L.F. ‘The persistence of Asante Chieftaincy in Ghana in the colonial period (1896-1957):  explanations for an enigma’, Africana Studiavol. 15. No. 2, 61-85 (pag. 24.).

2010      Müller, L.F. ‘Dancing golden stools’, Fieldwork in Religion, vol. 5. No.1, 31-54 (pag. 23.).

2008      Müller, L.F. ‘The reality of spirits: a historiography of the Akan concept of mind’, in: Quest: an African Journal of Philosophy, vol. 22, No. 2, 163-185 (pag. 22.).http://quest_volxxii/Quest_XXII_Muller.pdf

2004      Müller, L.F. ‘A comparison between four African scholars: Idowu, Mbiti, Okot p’Bitek and Appiah’. In: Quest: An African Journal of Philosophy, vol. 18, No.1, 109-125 (pag. 16.).http://quest_xviii/Quest_xviii_muller.pdf

National peer reviewed journals

2014      Müller, L.F. ‘African tradition as a source of wisdom’ [‘Afrikaanse traditie als wijsheidsbron’], Filosofie Magazine, 61 (pag. 1.). See also:

1999      Müller, L.F. ‘Slaves in the family’ [‘Slaven in de familie’], Roest. No1. Amsterdam: Arena. Book review of Edward Ball’s Slaves in the family.  Amsterdam: Arena, 60-61 (pag. 2.).

1999      Müller, L.F. ‘The end of the World’ [‘Het einde van Amerika’], RoestNo. 0. Book review of Robert D. Kaplan's ‘An Empire Wilderness: travels into America’s Future’ (1998), New York, 23-26 (pag. 3).

Müller, L.F. ‘Bookreview National Integration’ [‘Boekrecensie: Nationale integratie’], Demo: Magazine of the Young DemocratsVol.16 No 1., 18-19 (pag 2.).

1997      Müller, L.F. ‘Students all see the same problems: an interview with Minister Ritzen’ [‘Studenten zien allen dezelfde problemen: interview met minister Ritzen’]. Demo: Magazine of the Young Democrats. Vol 14. No.3, 9-11 (pag 3.).

Müller, L.F. ‘Chief-editor ANWB likes to see a decrease in car traffic growth: an interview with Nouen’ [‘Hoofddirecteur ANWB ziet graag een afname van groei in autoverkeer: interview met Nouen’[. Demo: Magazine of the Young Democrats.Vol14. No. 4, 3-5 (pag 3.).

Müller, L.F. ‘Bookreview Figurants by A. Grunberg: about the absurdity of the film world’ [‘Boekrecensie Figuranten A. Grunberg: over de absurditeit van de filmwereld’, Demo: Magazine of the Young Democrats. Oct. Vol. 14. No.5, 11-11 (pag 1.).

Online academic publications 

2019      Müller, L.F. ‘The vital force: a painting by Angela Roothaan, a poem by Louise Müller’ 2).

2018      Müller, L.F. ‘African (Akan) wisdoms by Louise Müller’’

2016    Müller, L.F. ‘A report of the NVAS Africa Day 2016 ‘Sport in Africa’ (pag. 2.).

2016      Müller, L.F. ‘West German economic miracle: the transformation from an economically backwards country into a competitive one’.

2015      Müller, L.F. ‘Musée Branly in Paris and the connectivity of water – a blog by Louise Müller’ (pag. 3).

2014      Müller, L.F. ‘The information society’ [‘De informatiemaatschappij’] (pag. 3.).

2013      Müller, L.F. ‘I slowly came to the realisation that the secondary sources on Asante religion and

chieftaincy were incomplete. African Classics. Africa in Words’ (pag. 2.).

2013      Müller, L.F. ‘Why there are still tribal heads in Africa and what has this to do with their religion?’: A briefing of my PhD. project for the University of Edinburgh project ‘Communication in Action’ (pag. 3.).


2012      Müller, L.F. ‘African film in the Netherlands. Guestwriter for Knowledge Link’ [‘Afrikaanse film in Nederland: Guestwriter for Kennislink’] (pag. 1.).

2011      Müller, L.F., & Van Gorp, J. ‘Report: Media, Migration and Diasporas in the Netherlands’.  Utrecht University. Cultures & Identities focus group (pag. 31.).

Forthcoming academic publications

2019      Müller, L.F & Amenga-Etego, R.M, ‘Thinking articulation: West-African (Akan) gospel music and St. Nicolas’ Black Pete in the Dutch St. Nicolas celebration: an Intercultural Philosophical Mindscape” Conference Proceedings Nijmegen, Philosophy Department’s Conference on ‘Thinking articulation’. Abstract of our duo- presentation at this conference is accepted.

2019      Müller, L.F. ‘I Am Not a Witch & The Witches of Gambaga: an African philosophical comparison of two African films on witchcraft in Northern Ghana’. Conference proceedings ECAS, University of Edinburgh June 2019. Draft of paper accepted for publication by the panel board.

2019      Müller, L.F,  Roothaan, A., Mosima, P. ‘Placide Tempels: an Intercultural Philosopher avant la lettre. A planned monograph for the Routledge Series in African Philosophy based on a submitted NIAS research plan, which made it to the second round.

2019    Müller, L.F. 'Saint Nicolas’ beleaguered black companion(s), Cogent Arts & Humanities(pag. 31.). 
Article is with the editor.

2019    Müller, L.F & Venkatachalam, M., 'The significance of Asante and Ewe religious-political movements in colonial Ghana', The Journal of West African History(pag. 25.). Under review.

Online newspapers, newsletters and bulletin publications 

2013      Müller, L.F. ‘Peter was most like an equal partner of St. Nicolas’ [‘Piet was waarschijnlijk een gelijkwaardige partner van Sinterklaas’] De Volkskrant, 22/10/13 (pag.1.).

Müller, L.F. ‘New West African films burning hot on the media menu of the Black Diaspora in

Southeast Amsterdam’. NVAS NieuwsbriefMaart 2012, 5-6 (pag.2.).

2007      Müller, L.F., ‘Truth claims in the empirical study of religious experiences?’ BASR BulletinVol.  111, No. 1, 17 (pag. 1.).

2006      Müller, L.F., ‘BASR Conference report’, BASR BulletinVol 109, No. 1, 20-21 (pag. 2.).


Literary writingsand other artistic contributions

2018      Expert contribution to ‘My meetings with the Devil’ [‘Mijn ontmoetingen met de duivel’]; a documentary on the European roots of the Dutch St. Nicolas celebration by the television-and filmmaker Arnold-Jan Scheer.

2018      Müller, L.F. ‘In the shadow of the Kum’ [‘In de schaduw van de Kum’]. A novel about the spiritual journey of a researcher (Eve) among the Asante people in Kumasi, Ghana. Forthcoming De Geus publishers.

2016      Expert contribution to ‘Wild Geraas’; a documentary on the roots of the Dutch St. Nicolas celebration by the television-and filmmaker Arnold-Jan Scheer.

2013      Müller, L.F. ‘Sangomapriest in the polder’ [‘Sangomapriester in de polder’.] In: Van Beek, Wouter, Afrika en Afrika, African Studies Centre, Leiden (pag.2.). A poem about Sangomapriesthood in Africa. 

2010      Contribution to an exhibition in Imagine IC as output of the Media and Diaspora project, Utrecht University.

2010      Self-production of videoclips of the Odwira festival, an archaeology of Ghanaian film and chieftaincy and funeral ceremonies in Ghana.

1998      Müller, L.F. ‘The most beautiful language’ [‘De Schoonste Taal’]. Walburg College press (a bundle of my poems).

1992    Müller, L.F. ‘Stones safe the village’ [‘Stenen redden het dorp’]. Stichting a la Prima (a painted book about Christian andIndigenous Religious fishermen, who need to collaborate to safe their village from a natural disaster].


Academic audiences

23 Jan 2019
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL), Guest lecture ‘Erratic data from Africa: deconstruction Hegel’s philosophy of history’. I gave a lecture on the historical sources on the Asante (ab) used by Hegel for his theory on African history and religion. This guestlecture was attended by at least a hundred enthusiastic international students, which clapped for me at the end.

12-26 May 2013
The Ghana Studies Conference in Kumasi, Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Presentation: ‘The reception of West African video films in southeast Amsterdam’.

6 June 2012
The 50th anniversary conference of the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (UK).

19-20 Nov 2011 and29 Nov 2009
The University of Westminster, London (UK). The African Film in the Digital Age and Women and Diaspora in West African Film Conferences. Presentations: ‘Migration and West African Film’ and ‘West African Films for Female Empowerment’.

5 Dec 2011, 3 Dec 2010
The audience was a group of American MA students of Prof. F. Demisse, Associate Professor of Public Policy Studies, De Paul University in Chicago (USA) at the Municipality Southeast Amsterdam office. Presentations: ‘African Identity and Film Reception in the Bijlmer’.

6-13 Oct 2010
Montclair State University, Montclair (USA). Sorac Conference on African Cultures. Presentation: ‘Chieftaincy and Conflict Resolution in West Africa’.

25-26 Aug 2010
The UCSIA Summer School Conference, Antwerp University (BE), ‘The Ghanaian diaspora in Amsterdam’.

27-28 May 2010
The African Studies Conference, University of Porto (PT). Colonial auxiliaries or advocates or colonial subjects? A comparative view on chiefs and ‘‘traditional rule’’ during the colonial period, Presentation: ‘The persistence of Asante chieftaincy in the colonial period (1896-1957): explanations for an enigma’.

Sept 2009
The UCSIA Summer School, Antwerp University (BE). Presentation: ‘Dancing Golden Stools: Indigenous Religion as a Strategy for Identity Construction in Ghana’.

13 May 2009
The Lingnan University of Hong Kong (Chin). Presentation: ‘Nana Has Gone to the Village: Pre-Burial Ritual or Indigeneity and the Asante Nana Saaman Nantwi II’.

1-3 Sept 2008
The St John University, York (UK), BASR Conference ‘Religion, Memory and Remembrance’. Presentation: ‘The Adae kese celebration and the Akuapem Asanteman Odwira festivals: A Thematic Comparison’.

3-6 Sept 2007
The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (UK). BASR Conference ‘Religious Experience in a Global Context’. Presentation: ‘Religion and politics in Ghana: A Fieldwork Report’, panel head.

11-14 July 2007
Leiden University (NL), AEGIS European African Studies Conference. Presentation: ‘Religious Peacekeeping and the Persistence of “Divine Kingship” in Ghana’.

28 March 2007
Leiden University, ‘Round Table Conference on the Languages of the Volta Basin (West Africa)’. Presentation: ‘First Sell Your Mother, Then Buy Her Back: An Explanation of Akan Proverbs and the Role of Traditional Authorities in Ghana’.

24 Febr 2007
The University of Oxford, Oxford (UK). Annual Researching Africa Day Workshop. ‘African Expertise: Knowledge and Power Researching Africa.’ Presentation: ‘To What Extent is Ninian smart's Ethical Theory Really “Global”?’.

4-6 Sept 2006
Bath Spa University, Bath (UK). BASR Conference ‘The Ethical Dimension’. Presentation: ‘Two Case Studies of in Fieldwork in Ghana with a focus on the Ethical Dimension in the Christian Religion and the Asante Indigenous Religion’.

Public audiences

March 2019
Preface to the presentation at the philosophy department of the Free University of Amsterdam. Ubuntu Political Philosophy by the South African philosopher Mogobe Ramose. Forthcoming . 

June 2018
Preface to the HVN-presentation ofphilosopher Carolien Ceton, author of ‘Vrouwelijke Filosofen’.

May 2018
Preface to the HVN-presentation of Dr. Erwin Kompanje, clinical ethics and the politics of life and death.

19 March 2018
My presentation on West African films in The Hague, Pulchri Studio. Women’s network’ (Haags Vrouwen Netwerk).

18 July 2016
Presentation and workshop on Fractal Art in the Penthouse in The Hague for ‘The Hague Women’s network’ (Haags Vrouwen Netwerk).

Participation as expert in the documentary ‘Wild Santa: the pagan roots on Black Pete and Santa’ by Arnold Jan Scheer:
Presentationfor the VVAO on life stories of women of African descent in the Netherlands (esp. southeast Amsterdam).

23 Oct 2013
D66 discusscion evenening about the future of the image of Black Peter and St Nicolas in the Netherlands.

27 Oct 2012
The Film Festival of Stichting Impakt, Utrecht. Presentation: ‘The New West African Film Culture of London and Amsterdam’.

22 Feb 2011
The Dutch Institute for Media Arts, Amsterdam (NL). Presentation: ‘Elmina by Dough Fishbone, including question and answer with filmmaker Dough Fishbone’.

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